3 January 2013


Assalamualaikum :)

Hye! *smile*

I'm Syafiqa. I'm from Kuching. I was born on 1 Rejab 1411H (17th Jennuary 1991). I'm 21-year-old girl who currently a third year student of Universiti Malaysia Terengganu. Studying Marine Biology. I have 6 siblings. Big sis, big bro, sis Mira, me, younger bro and youngest bro. Me and my family are Sarawakian (Kuching) except for my mother. She is Perakian (Batu Gajah). I have no grandparents. May Allah bless their soul. :') May we meet in Jannatul Firdausi.

I love Sarawak because Sarawak has many delicious foods. Nyams. I love to eat Mee Kolok, Mee Jawa, Laksa Sarawak, Umai, Kuih Celorot and many more! But I love my Mom's cook more. Sobs. Furthermore, I have many former schoolmate there but I rarely meet them when I'm in Kuching. I miss my friend in Sarawak. Syazana Razali, Siti Farah Nasuha Abdul Rahim, Norini Abdullah, Syarifah Atif Salmiah Wan Zaidi and Sharifah Noorbaya Wan AHmad. Except for Dayang Siti Nur Fathin Abang Mohd Noor. She is married and staying in Puncak Alam now. 5-week pregnancy. Happy for her. I love celebrating Aidilfitri in Kuching because my father has sooooo many cousins and relatives. My house became 'tongkang pecah' every time we had our Open House and I love it.

I love Perak because, for me, Perak is the cleanest state in Malaysia. My mom's hometown is in Batu Gajah. I love to eat Doghiyan. I also have few friends who live in Perak. They are Nurul Athirah Shariffudin and Nur Atiqah Azhar. I miss them!

My big sis is currently lives in Bangi. She is married. She have 2 heroes and one gegirl. Her husband is from Negeri Sembilan. I will stay in Bangi for every semester break. I love to stay with my big sis rather than fly back to Kuching during holiday because they offer me part-time job, helping them at their shop. So, I got my own pocket money.

My big bro is currently lives in Rawang. He works there. I rarely meet my big bro. He is still single. I patiently waits who will become my future big sis-in-law.

My sis Mira is currently stay in Pasir Gudang, Johor with her husband. They are newly-wed couple. I hope to hear that she is pregnant one day. So that, I will gonna have another nephews/nieces. Insya Allah.

Eh tetiba saya dan housemate nak pegi jadi kutu embun. Bye! :D


haslinda said...

haha... ni mcm dah betol2 bosan je ni... cepat la update yg "to be continue" tu piqaaa... :)

Jenn Syafiqa said...

bosann gila tadi linda. haha :D

memang nak sambung, tapi citer xdek lagi. mungkin cuti sem ni ade citer kot. ehehehehehehehe n.n