5 February 2016

Sabah Waterfront, Kota Kinabalu

Assalamualaikum :)

My friend loves to take pictures. He loves to send pretty pictures to me. I love his pictures and he loves me too.


Hihi I hope he don't mind I put it here ;p

Photo by Rasyid Kasman

This is taken at Kota Kinabalu Waterfront. I have been there once. This is located near the Philipines Market.

This week is his second week for radiotherapy treatment. Another 2 weeks. I pray that he will always have positive vibes around him :)

Pssst. Tomorrow is his 25th birthday! And he will fly back to KL 18 more days. Yay!

I wanna celebrate this birthday boy.

Till then,
Salam Jumaat everyone!


Cik Itah said...

nice view isnt it? :)

Nurul Syafiqa said...

Yes, it is ;) So nice, subhanallah.

I'm Tiera said...

salam hi syafiqah, tq follow kita, nak follow balik kat mana nk klik eh? hehe
btw p sabah watpe tu? ;)

Nurul Syafiqa said...

Wassalam Tiera :)

Haha button Followers saya ada masalah. Tu yg saya remove je dr sidebar.

Nak follow boleh tekan button 'Follow' kat atas kiri webpage ni. Sebelah button 'Dashboard' warna hitam.