24 August 2016

It's been a while

Assalamualaikum :)

It's been a while since my last post. Bukan busy dengan kerja sebab kerja tak busy pun. Hihi. Busy tengok drama korea Oh My Venus je. Of course kena tengok sebab my favourite actor, Seo Ji Sub yang berlakon :) Love sangat!

Tahun ni banyak lessons of life yang aku dapat. Daripada awal tahun lagi dah macam macam jadi. Sekarang pun dah nak habis bulan Ogos. Cepat kan masa berjalan.

Berbanding tahun 2015, tahun ni tak kemana pun. And aku rasa plan nak pergi Kundasang dengan lelaki kecintaan pun mungkin aku terpaksa tangguhkan. Since I have so many other important things that need to be done.

And buat masa ni aku terpaksa ber'puasa' daripada tengok wayang to save money. Eheee. What? That is my hobby. My hobby is watching movie. We are born to be different. If your hobby is to attend seminars on weekend/off day, it's up to you. I don't give it a damn. We are different and we have our own ways to deal with stress :P (If you are reading this, that's good for you. I am not a workaholic like you. I am france type of people). And also, we have different kind of passion. I am not wrong and you are not always right.

I need to save more money, and I need to gain more money from side income. I believe I can do it.

Above all this, I am grateful to have my family, friends and lelaki kecintaan (mereka ialah anugerah Allah yg dipinjamkan) that always be there to support me. My housemate and roommate are so nice to me and I really love my job. I love this new surroundings.

Pagi pagi before pergi kerja, pergi bersenam kat taman sebelah rumah. Dulu mana ada peluang nak bersenam macam ni. I have plenty of time for myself. (Of course I need it, I am still single and I am happy. Kau kawen awal kau diam).

We, are born to be different. We, have different kind of live, We, have different journey. Don't simply judge others ok? I think, you need to improve yourself, too. Tolong audit diri sendiri and berhenti tengok kain orang ya :) I am glad if you read this. You know who you are.

I am in a long distance relationship kind with my lelaki kecintaan. Selalu merajuk dan tak memahami dia. What I learned selepas bergaduh dengan dia, kita tak boleh biarkan hati kita terlalu attached dengan orang yang kita sayang. Kita masing masing nak ada masa sendiri.

All of the jealousy, the overthinking thingy. Argghh. No one can escape from it. But, please endure. It is hard you know, looking at other couple yang selalu berjumpa. Pray for the best. Allah is listening to you.

The conclusion is at the end of your life, you have only yourself. Make sure you have done the best thing in your life before Allah takes you back.

Till then,

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