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Assalamualaikum & welcome :)

Hai, I am here to share my thoughts and the things I like. I am a Marine Biologist (UMT, 2013) who does not work in marine biology field. But, sincerely, I love oceans and its creatures (Subhanallah).

Lives in Bangi. Was born in 1991, January 17th.

I blog about my travelogue (places I go), foods, musics & books that I like, my job, sharing thoughts & motivational quotes which I randomly found in internet.

I am an introvert, bibliophile, pluviophile & ailurophile. I love words (logophile).

That's all. Nice to meet you :)


Twitter: @syafiqahatta
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Facebook: Syafiqa Hatta

Currently work as store manager to Coudre Boutique in Bangi Gateway. And not to forget, follow my online boutique IG. I am your trusted dropshipper :)


Saya suka bracelet. So, saya belajar buat sendiri. Yang nak tempah dengan saya, boleh usha IG saya ni 😉

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Selain tu, saya ada jual inspired perfume yang saaaaangat la wangi di: