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I Sing :)

Assalamualaikum :)

My major love is music. I sing whenever I feel love to, while driving especially! In high school, I am the nasyid solo. Not too active, only doing it when I have free time and when I want to. I sang during my 2nd year Dinner when I was in University years. Nevertheless, a lot of people can sing nowadays. And I just love to sing :)

Every song have their own meaning, mood that match with us at that time. Every songs remind us to something memorable. Right?

Sometimes, teringin nak rekod suara dalam studio. I wonder how it feels. Maybe, someday I got the chances. Who knows. 

Songs I've Sing:

  1. Young & Beautiful - Lana Del Rey 
  2. Secret Love Song - Little Mix ft Jason Derulo
  3. Dialah Di Hati - Siti Nurhaliza 

Saya ada Smule! Ahaha. Username syafiqahatta. Mari karok ketika kelapangan!

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