18 June 2012

Notes, Supper and Thor ♥

Assalamualaikum =)

Me iz Jenn. Thiz iz a story 'bout Jenn (^^,)

from left: Thor, notes and supper

There are currently three things that Jenn likes most ! Her notes, her Thor and also her slumberjer burger supper memalam gini na na na na :D

Hew hew.. Suke lettew..

I have another 2 papers to go, that are biotechnology marine and also my dearest planktonology papers. Well, me iz currently trying hard to understand the whole things. Hopefully I can answer these two papers peacefully.

Okaiplah. Selamat berjuang Jenn! Fight till the last drop of ink. Hiks.

Farewell. *aww, saying goodbye the way Thor did to Jenn. eh? 0,o' Not Jenn, to Jane. Heee.


cik ery said...

farewell :* dear jennnnngggg ahahaha

syafiqahatta said...

haha :D