1 October 2012

EOP Class? It's Time To Lukis Lukis


EOP is stand for English for Occupational Purposes.
Me is currently taking this subject for this semester, unfortunately.. =..= *kasi kembang siket hidung*

Waktu kelas tadi tetiba homesick. Jenn is missing her family especially her nephews and niece. She is unable to smile. Unable to give 100% attention to the lecture. *selama ni penah ke 100%?* Unable to actively take part when the lecturer asking question as he is talking to the moon. LOL. Macam lah selama ni menjawab sangat dalam kelas. *ai jawab dalam hati je. tu pun jawapan menyimpang*

Unable to disturb her friends beside her. Unable to think. Unable to calm herself.

Jenn is only able to drew this during that 2-hours class. Because ai don't like 'kelas malam'. Ai iz exhausted.

Because i'm hungry

Sekarang dah kenyang Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah.


Anonymous said...

haha .. kelas boring ea ??

Jenn Syafiqa said...

=_=' sangat

iezzaidaffi said...

motip sudip??haha

Jenn Syafiqa said...

because i'm hungry. HAHA :D