10 December 2012

The First Time I Saw You

Assalamualaikum :)

I sat there, waiting for someone to take my order. Then, you came. That was the first time I saw you. Last year I think. I don't remember the exact time. My first impression is you are like a person with no feeling. No smile on your face. With blue-black cap on your head, covers the straight black hairs. Skinny. Cool. Quite attractive person. Small. I thought you are younger than me. I ate my meal and continue my work. I am a part-time worker at that time. At a pet shop, located not far from this restaurant. At the beginning, I don't really cares about your existence in this world.

Approximately a year passed by. At every semester break I always working as a part-timer at the same pet shop. And, that same restaurant has became our second kitchen. My bosses as well. The foods are delicious. No doubt. At that time, I just realized that you are the cook. I just realized. I don't spy on you. I never knew your name though.

And the story begin in the month of Ramadhan 1433H, the month with full of bless. Your name was suddenly make my ears wide open when it passed by my ear drums (over kau!) I never thought that something like this would happen. It came so suddenly. Your age was suddenly became something that I am eager to know. Then, I heard story about you from the ones that I trusted. I never heard the bad side of you. But, no one in this world is perfect except for our Prophet Muhammad SAW. 

To Be Continued...

With love,
p/s: If and only if you read this... 


haslinda said...

saspen ni
x sabar nak tunggu sambungan
heeee :)

cik ery said...

to be continue kau jahhh!over tw muahahahaha mihmihmih

Jenn Syafiqa said...

haslinda: itupun kalo ade sambungannye linda. mihihihi :D iolls pun dak sabar menanti ni

Cik ery: HAHA :D over kenz!

athirah said...

wowww! nak tau sambungannye

Jenn Syafiqa said...

athirah: mih mih aku pun tak tau ape kesudahannya~