25 December 2012

The First Time We Talked To Each Other

Assalamualaikum :)


It was 10.30 am in the morning. My boss and I already in the office, waiting for my boss's client to come. We were both hungry. So, my boss asked me to buy our breakfast at the nearest restaurant, of course, at our second-kitchen restaurant. I walked into the restaurant, grab a polystyrene container and dig in the mouth-watering fried noodles. I always love to eat fried noodles since I was a kid but I love this delicious fried noodles of our second-kitchen restaurant more. It's nyummy. :)

And, I saw you there, helping your mother, I guess, make roti canai for customers. It is quite a busy Thursday morning. Many people came to this restaurant. No doubt. The foods were too delicious. Enough said. Still wearing the same blue-black cap, covering your straight black hairs. I never saw you with your cap removes. 

I asked the chubby, friendly sis at the counter about my order yesterday whether I can take it before 6 pm. Suddenly she called you and let you answer that question, with both of your hands were fulled. Holding several plates of roti canai for customers. 

That was the first time we talked to each other.

To be continued...

With love,

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