22 March 2013

Cik Raudhah

Assalamualaikum :)

Her name is Raudhah binti Johaimi. The third child from my big sis, Nurul Syakirah binti Mohammad Hatta. My big sister's first daughter. She was born on 4th March 2012, the same date as her grandmother (my mom, Nor Aini binti Basri). She has two elder brothers, Farouq bin Johaimi (5 years old) and Hamzah bin Johaimi (4 years old). 

She's adorable, cute and pretty. I love her. I always pray that on one fine day I also have a daughter like her. Suddenly I want to blog about her. Because I miss her. Miss her so much. I miss my family. I wish that I can fly back to Bangi and Kuching just for a little while and only will fly back to Kuala Terengganu after I spend some time with my family, look at their lovely faces and absorb the aura of happiness and strength which Allah give to me through them.

Unfortunately, I don't have wings to fly. I can't fly without wings. I also didn't know how to swim across the South China Sea (sedangkan ujian kelayakan nak masuk subjek scuba lagikan sudah tenggelup). Glup glup. Mujur ada lifeguard. Nak mengharap encik ****** selamatkan? Harapan. Hanya kata kata nista yang dilemparkan. End of story. Kita ni nak bercerita pasal Cik Raudhah comel. Oh please don't spoil my mood.

Cik Raudhah has dimples, inherits from her grandmother. She also has two big, round eyes inherits from her Mateh (ehem). Haha :D No la. Kidding. Jauh panggang dari api. She has fair skins just like her parents. Melihat ke wajah Cik Raudhah membuatkan hati saya menjadi sejuk dan dingin.

I'm not going back home for this midterm holiday. Sobs. T_T Therefore, I can't meet Cik Raudhah and her bros. Wuwu. This is sad. But never mind. Just keep calm and do my FYP, keep calm and make pudding, keep calm and love cats, keep calm and read Quran.

Till then, Good night and sleep tight.

With love,


cik ery said...

cik raudhah nye mateh pnye gmbq xnk ltak ke?prove mata besar.hihihihi

nurulsyafiqa mhatta said...

haha :D xpela. lain kali mungkin