4 November 2013

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To whom i should tell the story? The tears shed too many. To whom i should ask for help. When i know nobody can truly understand me. To who's shoulder i can lean on? When i need some nice words to reduce the sadness. To whom i should tell the story?

In the age of 22, i cried the most. Someone or plenty of people said, many things happen in the age of 21. But to me, the happy and sad things, the saddest things happen in my precious 22. In this stage of life, i really need support from the beloved family.

Unforetunately, i'm not an open person. I never cried of something i lose or some other thing i can't have in front of them. I never speak out about my sadness, friendship problems and many other teenage thingy to them. Because, i don't have the guts to tell. I locked myself in the bedroom, covered my face with pillows and cried. Alone.

So, to whom i should tell the story?

Of course to Allah. So why i type it in here? Because, somehow,  it makes me feel calmer.


putree asma said...

hehe.. 21. change my life. forever. make me stronger. pika, u will be stronger than before. your soul will be tough. ^^!

NeroRulez said...

jangan bersedih :)