9 December 2014

Lone Ranger Jenn


I am a kind of person who love to be alone when I am not in good mood. Prefer to be alone but not a lonely person, OK.

Love to flee from kesibukan dunia yang memanjang. Dunia ini akan hancur jua akhirnya. Jangan taksub sangat.

So, yesterday. I really need someone to talk to. But, everybody was so busy with their own business. I have decided to make myself busy too, because yesterday is my moody off day. 

I will go crazy if I stay at home.

At first, I thought I wanna go to MyEG to book for my computer test for driving license. Before, I am working on the afternoon till midnight. Get really tired and don't wanna jump out from my bed in the morning. I really not in the good mood to study.

But, AMSA said that my L license is still valid in JPJ system.

So, they asked me to make passport photo and give them IC photocopy. After one week they will contact me whether I still need to repeat test or not.

Blurgh. I hope NOT.


I decided to shoot to Alamanda Mall Putrajaya. Because I dont wanna go home.

Watching horror movie alone is not my cup of tea. But, yesterday I'm going crazy.

Alah, biasalah cerita macam ni. Last last semua mati. HAHA.

Then, I think I miss somebody who is one of the most important person in my life after family. So, I terjah him with this.....

Hai <3 

The cute Hello Kitty and Dolphin bracelet from him which I cant wear it everyday. If I wear it to work, probably the cats will eat them. 

Then, I went to a bookstore. I love to buy books but I dont have time to read, actually. When I have time, I used it to sleep or promote beg kucing :3 (Hai, meh la beli beg kucing. Mew).

When I feel tired, I dont have the mood to read. 

I accidentally become a member of the bookstore because I bought a lot of books yesterday...


Heyy look what I found.. mihihihik

Jangan Baca Novel Ni dan Tiada Tajuk.

Novel yang dicari sebelum ini tiba tiba muncul di depan mata. Cari 1 dapat Sekuel ke 2. Bak kata Atiqah Jafri, ada cerita ketiga.

Yang ketiga, Akhir.

Next month hunting lagi. 

I judge this book by its cover. Attractive and mysterious.

Degil kan. Dia kata jangan baca, jangan baca la. Tapi nak baca jugak. 

Honey Cats Boutique already open their second wave preorder for these cutey cats bag!!

Go Whatsapp them now at 017 969 4817 ya!

Panggilan tidak akan dijawab. Hanya SMS dan Whatsapp sahaja.

Go grab it now!

Till then,


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