11 July 2015

Meet Chocolate Chip Sea Star

Assalamualaikum :)

Honey Star always claimed that they are the tastiest star in the universe. I think they are wrong ;)

Meet Chocolate Chip Sea Star. Its look is tastier, right?

Scientific name: Protoreaster nodosus

Jangan tertipu. Abviously, it is a sea star. When I am still studying, I never knew that this type of cute sea star existed in the world. They look so cute until I feel like to eat it. 

This picture is sent by my boyfriend, who is currently working in Sabah as Marine Biologist. This photo was taken during his trip to Mabul Island. They can be found in shallow water.

If I am not a marine biology student, I will wonder how a sea star eat? What they eat? What is it actually? What is the reason for it to be existed in this world?

Sea star in Malay is called 'Tapak Sulaiman'. When I was 9 years old, I wonder why it is called Tapak Sulaiman? Who is Sulaiman? Is there a man named Sulaiman ever have a tapak kaki like a sea star? What a weird tapak kaki is it. I remember the song 'Bagaikan Diriku Tapak Sulaiman' by Elyana.

Actually, the mouth of sea star is underside of its body. They feed on bacteria, sponges, waste products, and the remains of dead plants and animals. Thus, after knowing what it eats, then we know what is its function to the sea and mankind. Makcik cleaner.

So, say thank you to the sea star!

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