8 January 2016

First Week of January 2016: Demam Dilwale

Assalamualaikum :)

I watched Dilwale movie on January 1st and begin to have a kind of 'fever' that can not be cured at the moment. I have never watched Hindustan at the cinema, and in this 2016, yes. My first time ever to watch a Hindi movie at the cinema.

With my favourite actor and actress of Bollywood, how can I not watch this?

Can I call this movie a romantic action movie? It is not sooo romantic. It has comedy which is very very lawak I cannot stand. Haha

And ShahRukh Khan and Kajol seperti tidak menua. Both are still looking very handsome and prettier! I heart them.

I always love to see somebody who is still pretty and look young even though umur mereka sebenarnya.... dah berumur! Shahrukh is 51 and Kajol is 42?


Times do fly really fast. I remember watching Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham with my family 14 years ago. And why they are still handsome and pretty? *stress*

FYI, I have watched Dilwale for the second time on January 4th. Now, I seem can't figure out whether I like the movie or Shahrukh and Kajol.

I do make a playlist of Dilwale Songs on my YouTube account. Play it like a thousand times.

I wonder when my 'fever' can be cured.


Till then,

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