12 April 2016

Berjiran di syurga


For these few days I feel so lifeless & demotivated. When you are being pointed by others because of their unfortunate. When you have give them solutions to be consider but they just don't give sh*t. When you are become their 'orang tengah' for some 'remeh' questions which I don't know how to answer (more to decide) and become serabut

When you have some problems to finish your task given by them and dituduh tak buat kerja, and they don't ask but assumed. When you feel like useless because of their 'ungkitan' about their so-called sacrifice. 

And you are having your bad day. You feel like useless, crazy, sad, disgust, angry and fed up at the same time.

And then you found this.

Then, you cool down. Told ya, every kind word from this hamba Allah always make me turn to Allah swt. Always make us think twice, think rasionally dan terbitkan rasa kasih sesama manusia dan mengingatkan kita bahawa ini dunia semata dan kita berada dalam ujian dan dugaan yg menguji keimanan.

Moga kita berjiran di syurga :)


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