13 August 2017

Law of Attraction

Assalamualaikum wbt :)

It has been a long time I didn't right about story of my life here. Well, alhamdulillah, my life so far so good. A lot of good things happen. A lot of things I need to do everyday.

Year of 2017 brings me more opportunity to become a better person. I got a lot of better things to do. I have my job as store manager of a boutique, a career as takaful lady and also not to forget my ig shop @syeqa.my. These 3 jobs/responsibilities make me a lot busier in this year, which made me feel really good!

Everyday, I achieved my target more and more through these 3 jobs. Even it is a really small achievement, I'll always reward myself and be more thankful to Allah swt.

Through my life, I will remember who are always with me and who are only showing up when they need me. Have you ever heard "A friend can become stranger, a stranger can become friend"? Well, I believe it now.

People come and go in our life. We can't ask them to stay. It's okay! We only have to become more and more positive, so that we can attract more and more and more positive people in our life. It is beautiful.

I am feeling so blessed because Allah swt has bring me such a goooood people into my life! It's true, if you want to achieve your dream, you have to be friend with successful people. Be brave to let go of your past. Be brave to left all the negative things/people and just move on!

InsyaAllah, you'll find your way.

A lot more things we can change today. Pray as much as we can because Allah swt is the Most Gracious!

Your PruLady,
Syafiqa Hatta 

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