The Author

Assalamualaikum & welcome :)

Hai, my name is Nurul Syafiqa Binti Mohammad Hatta. Born on 17th January 1991 in Kuching, Sarawak. I lives Selangor.

I work as Admin Officer cum Marketing Assistant at HoneyVets Cat Medical Centre. And currently a Prudential wealth planner as my part time job.

Hold a degree, Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology) 2013. I choose to be in a business career because selling thing becomes my passion.

I do have my instashop which are SYEQA LIPPIES and DARIN SOPHIA

I sell MYKISH Strawberry Lipbalm, Rosse Jelly Lipstick and also Faraalipbutter.

I also selling Kurung Moden by Darin Sophia. Do check out my instashop. Just click the link above.

This is my personal blog. Sometimes I blog about life, sometimes I write about my personal opinion. Sometimes I post about takaful awareness. Sometimes I update recipe and tips.

I am an introvert type of person. A pluviophile, a logophile.


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Facebook: Syafiqa Hatta
Instagram: @syafiqahatta @syafiqahatta_prudential