25 December 2012

The First Time We Talked To Each Other

Assalamualaikum :)


It was 10.30 am in the morning. My boss and I already in the office, waiting for my boss's client to come. We were both hungry. So, my boss asked me to buy our breakfast at the nearest restaurant, of course, at our second-kitchen restaurant. I walked into the restaurant, grab a polystyrene container and dig in the mouth-watering fried noodles. I always love to eat fried noodles since I was a kid but I love this delicious fried noodles of our second-kitchen restaurant more. It's nyummy. :)

And, I saw you there, helping your mother, I guess, make roti canai for customers. It is quite a busy Thursday morning. Many people came to this restaurant. No doubt. The foods were too delicious. Enough said. Still wearing the same blue-black cap, covering your straight black hairs. I never saw you with your cap removes. 

I asked the chubby, friendly sis at the counter about my order yesterday whether I can take it before 6 pm. Suddenly she called you and let you answer that question, with both of your hands were fulled. Holding several plates of roti canai for customers. 

That was the first time we talked to each other.

To be continued...

With love,

18 December 2012

Aunty Monsoon Is Coming To Town

Assalamualaikum :)

I am currently living in Kuala Terengganu, studying at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu. A third year student of Marine Biology.

Check it ouwutttt!!!! Aunty Monsoon Is Coming To Town, uollss!!
*gaya Dian in Istanbul Aku Datang*

Bila monsun Timur Laut datang, hujan kat Kuala Terengganu ni will never ever ever going to stop. Sejuk mak nok. Aku suka giler sejuk sejuk begini. Macam feeling feeling oversea uolls. According to Angah Jafri's (my classmate) hypothesis, bila sejuk cepat lapar. Memang pun. Aku tak sejuk pun suka lapar. Maka dengan itu, diet saya dan rakan rakan pun musnah. Cuaca pulak ala ala winter nak masuk Christmas bersalju salju, maka tak leh nak keluar jogging ke beriadah ke together gether with our little jiran (anak jiran). Hanya mampu buat marathon movie je.

"Well, Jenn. How's life?", tanyaku pada diriku sendiri.

Hidup alhamdulillah syukur ok ok saje. Even minggu lepas adalah minggu yang hectic, saya dan rakan rakan mampu menempuhnya dengan penuh cekal dan tabah. Ada banyak sangat presentation. Presentation yang paling penting, Final Year Project Progress Presentation. Peh! Aku ada satu penyakit yang aneh. Bila Q&A je aku blur. Suka tak faham soalan yang panel of reviewers bagi. Sigh. Tapi takpe. Dah lepas pun.

And haritu, housemate iolls si Cik Ery bawak durian lemak manis berbondong bondong dari dusun family beliau. Macam durian runtuh. Sedap gila kott. Dah lame tak makan durian banyak banyak macam tu. Aku and housemate housemate yang lain dengan bahagianya melahap 2 bijik durian dalam masa 20 minit je. Waktu tu baru je baik demam. Nasib baik tak demam balik. Rambutan and dokong pun ade.

And my final exam is around the corner. Start dari 30hb December 2012 to 14 January 2013. And lepas tu ada orang tu nak turn 22 dah. Kena pasang target dari sekarang. Sebelum ni dah pasang tapi kena pasang lagi baru la semangat tu sentiasa membara bara uolls. Hihi.

Okay la. Saje nak menaip. Rindu nak bercerita. Till then, semoga hidup anda sentiasa diselubungi kebahagiaan. Aamiin. :)

With love,

10 December 2012

The First Time I Saw You

Assalamualaikum :)

I sat there, waiting for someone to take my order. Then, you came. That was the first time I saw you. Last year I think. I don't remember the exact time. My first impression is you are like a person with no feeling. No smile on your face. With blue-black cap on your head, covers the straight black hairs. Skinny. Cool. Quite attractive person. Small. I thought you are younger than me. I ate my meal and continue my work. I am a part-time worker at that time. At a pet shop, located not far from this restaurant. At the beginning, I don't really cares about your existence in this world.

Approximately a year passed by. At every semester break I always working as a part-timer at the same pet shop. And, that same restaurant has became our second kitchen. My bosses as well. The foods are delicious. No doubt. At that time, I just realized that you are the cook. I just realized. I don't spy on you. I never knew your name though.

And the story begin in the month of Ramadhan 1433H, the month with full of bless. Your name was suddenly make my ears wide open when it passed by my ear drums (over kau!) I never thought that something like this would happen. It came so suddenly. Your age was suddenly became something that I am eager to know. Then, I heard story about you from the ones that I trusted. I never heard the bad side of you. But, no one in this world is perfect except for our Prophet Muhammad SAW. 

To Be Continued...

With love,
p/s: If and only if you read this... 

7 December 2012